Hoppecke Industrial Batteries

Hewitt Equipment Limited and Hewitt Material Handling Inc. are pleased to announce their new partnership with Hoppecke, the largest independent European manufacturer of batteries, industrial chargers and charging room systems.

Hewitt and Hoppecke share common Company values, as we both focus on innovation and the quality of the products and services offered. Above all else, we are dedicated to supporting our Customers in their pursuit of success. By adding the Hoppecke line of batteries to our product offer, we reinforce our position as a trusted partner for our Customers by offering them turnkey material handling and traction energy solutions, ensuring for them a durable return on investment, as well as products that are respectful of the environment.

This new solution distinguishes itself by allowing users to power their operations 24/7 with a single battery per forklift using a fast charge technology. An innovative solution which reduces charging time, eliminates the need for voltage equalization and a cool down period, thus improving overall equipment availability. Water top up frequency is reduced, resulting in considerable water consumption and time savings and increased productivity. These are only a few of the benefits of Hoppecke batteries.