Help your people do their jobs better.

Technologies can tell you a lot about how well and how much your people are working...andhow they should be working instead.
  • Monitor your operators to see who is running their machines like a pro and who could use additional training.
  • Allocate service personnel so they stay busy, without becoming overtasked.
  • Reward good performance to promote employee pride and a culture of safety.

3 new ways to manage
​your operators.
How you can use equipment management
to improve margins?

Smooth operators
save you money
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Work with confidence and stay competitive.

Equipment data helps you deal with day-to-day uncertainties more effectively. You can use it to:
  • Track machine locations to help keep your equipment safe and secure.
  • Get accurate feedback on your operations to make tighter, more competitive bids.
  • Decide when to replace older equipment to get the most advantageous deal for your business.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance to avoid fines and complications.

4 risks you can mitigate with good
equipment management.
How you can use equipment management
to improve margins?

Keep it safe.
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Instant information helps you monitor your whole operation

When you can see exactly where your machines are and when they're due for maintenance,you can make better, more informed decisions.
  • Find the best time to bring a machine in for service or preventive repairs.
  • Decide how you can move equipment around between jobs so it doesn't sit idle.
  • Determine whether you can take a machine off of a job and still meet your deadline.
5 ways using equipment data can help
improve your operations.
How you can use equipment management
to improve margins?
Site conditions can dramatically
affect component life.
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Get the facts, eliminate guesswork and bring costs down.

Automatic data collection and reporting of level 2 and 3 lets you see what your real costs are—without guesswork and with less chance for human error—so you can take concrete steps to bring them down.
  • Find and eliminate unproductive idle time to reduce fuel costs and improve resale value.
  • Spot small problems before they develop into failures to save big on service costs.
  • Keep up with maintenance schedules to reduce total owning and operating costs.
6 ways equipment data can help you cut
equipment costs.
How you can use equipment management to
improve margins?
How much is idle time
costing you?
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Get started. Get results.

It's easy to get started with equipment management technologies that help you make informed decisions that will improve your business.

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