Pallet live (dynamic accumulation)

Our pallet live system is a high-density storage solution.


Jungheinrich pallet live storage consists of racking uprights that form a channel. Pallets are stored on one side and retrieved from the other side of the channel. As soon as a pallet is retrieved, the other pallets move up automatically to the retrieval position on inclined roller conveyors. Brake rollers keep gravity under control and an automatic separating device ensures that pallets do not crush the pallet in front. Automatically operated roller conveyors inside the channels are available as an option.


Pallet live storage is suitable for large quantities of the same articles. The Fifo method ensures that goods are rotated effectively and nothing stays in the racks too long.


Pallets can only be placed lengthwise with forklifts or reach stackers.​


  • Optimal fill rate
  • Optimal use of space
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