Drive-in (static accumulation)

Our drive-in systems are perfect when selectivity and stock rotation are less important and economic and efficiency are critical.


In the multi-depth storage system, load units are carried into the pallet channel by a load carriage. Jungheinrich’s DIS Drive-In System is an autonomous load carriage, independent of the host vehicle, which travels into the pallet channel under its own power. As such, this system offers many space and volume optimization options. It allows you to put fewer work aisles and more storage placements in the same warehouse space, which adds up to denser, more economical loading (especially for different references).


The applications are the same as for single or double access accumulation racking, but the DIS offers better profitability. Specific applications include refrigerated warehouses, production buffer areas and the entire shipping services sector.


The DIS Drive-In System is compatible with any Jungheinrich lift truck. Every lift truck can manage several load carriages. The strength of the Jungheinrich DIS Drive-In is that the truck and carriage are independent. Having its own energy supply makes the load carriage independent of the host vehicle.


  • High profitability
  • Excellent use of available space and surface area
  • No limit to the depth of the pallet channel
  • Every host truck can be used as a normal lift truck
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